Meet Jason & the Team

Our team of highly trained professionals is committed to providing you with the best care available. We work together to make every part of your experience comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Lewis has two experienced treatment coordinators; Tiffani and Wendy, two exceptional dental assistants; Corinne and Carol, and a caring and highly skilled hygienist; Monica.

Dr. Jason Lewis

Dr. Lewis grew up in the Cottonwood area of Salt Lake City. He graduated from Creighton Dental School Cum Laude in 1999. Unlike most dental graduates who work as an associate in several practices learning general dentist, Dr. Lewis began with an ambitious goal to build a practice from the ground up, learning from the best cosmetic and aesthetic dentists in the country. Dr. Lewis attended the world renowned, Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies where he received an unparalleled level of training. He has also studied at the Northeastern Center for Neuromuscular Studies. “I studied the practice of dentistry at the highest level and learned exceptional principles from the start,” says Dr. Lewis, “I thoroughly believe in the philosophy of treating people like a guest and providing nothing less than the best artistry and skill.” Dr. Lewis is an active educator and public speaker. He has lectured on laser dentistry and cosmetics. He also teaches hands-on skills for laser gum sculpting, implants and cosmetics.

Tiffani and Wendy, Treatment Coordinators

Tiffani and Wendy will be your first contact in our office and on the phone. They are both knowledgeable about all aspects of dental treatment and have first hand experience with Dr. Lewis’ care.

Tiffani has worked with Dr. Lewis for over 9 years and has had full mouth reconstruction performed by Dr. Lewis. Wendy’s previous experience as an attorney makes her knowledge and detail oriented. She has worked with Dr. Lewis for over 11 years and has cosmetic veneers performed by Dr. Lewis.

As a new guest, Tiffani and Wendy will personally complete your paper work during your initial interview and listen to your concerns and better understand your needs and health history. They will walk you through the results of the comprehensive diagnostic plan and coordinate your office visits.

Kendra and Sensi, Dental Assistants

Kendra and Sensi are compassionate and experienced dental assistants who pride themselves on providing exceptional care to every patient.

Their goal is to make you as comfortable as possible during treatment. We have overhead entertainment centers so you can watch TV or select from a list of movies. These LCD screens also allow Dr. Lewis to give you an up close look at your treatment with the small INTRA-ORAL CAMERA.

Monica, Dental Hygienist

Monica has been with Dr. Lewis for over 5 years and is certified in the use of CO2 lasers and Diode lasers in periodontal (gum disease) therapies. Her thorough technique and gentle approach will make you feel at ease during your dental and periodontal exam. She may administer nitrous oxide or an oral rinse that will numb gum tissue to ensure your comfort. Her ultimate concern is the health of your gum tissue. Monica is up to date on the most effective solutions for tooth sensitivity, bad breath, bleeding gums, cold sores, and canker sores. Together you and Monica will determine what treatment is necessary to fit your needs.