Tour Our Facility

Our state of the art facility is unlike any dental office in Utah.

Our facility was built from the ground up with an emphasis on comfort and optimal care of our guests.

Our attention to detail is second to none.

No matter your age, dental history or level of income, we treat every guest with the best our profession has to offer.






Come take a few minutes, and tour our dental studio and see first-hand the care and precision taken to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible. When you visit our office you’ll see how we combine the finest facility in Salt Lake City with an unparalleled level of care and expertise. We designed our building to feel like a luxury hotel or home with a soft, comfortable atmosphere because we think every guest deserves the very best. Our treatment studios where designed with your comfort in mind and offer vaulted, open ceilings with ample space in and around our dental chairs.


You’ll think your anywhere but a dental office.


Instead of feeling like a patient, you will feel like a guest in our home. Dr. Lewis believes a patient is someone you do something to, a guest is someone you do something for. Your comfort and confidence are our top priority.

We offer bottled water, blankets, pillows, warm moist towels and Dr. Lewis personally calls after all treatment visits.

We also offer car service from the airport or for those using sedation.


We’re unlike any dental office in Utah.