Dr. Jason R. Lewis is very passionate about providing the best dental care to his guests.  He believes the only way to do that is to keep on the cutting edge of education and procedures in dentistry.  As a result, he is constantly searching for different educational opportunities.  The list below just provides some of his courses in his constant search for knowledge.







Las Vegas Institute – LVI Global is an international institution dedicated to the progress of the dental profession through the integration of comprehensive diagnosis, contemporary techniques and technology.  The continuing education offered at LVI is designed to improve the lives of patients and enhance professional satisfaction.

  • Computer-Aided Occlusal Evaluation System – January 1, 2000
  • Advanced Anterior Aesthetics – August 16-18, 2000
  • Advanced Anterior Aesthetics – August 31 – September 2, 2000
  •  Core II – Orthotic Maintenance, Adjustment and Essential Aesthetic Reconstructive Techniques – June 21, 2000
  • Advanced Posterior Protocol #2 – April 18 – 21, 2001
  • Practical Occlusion for the Progressive Practice – October 4 – 6, 2001
  • Protocol/Comprehensive Aesthetic Reconstruction – Now referred to as Core V – Comprehensive Aesthetic Occlusal Reconstruction – Rehabilitation Begins! – January 9 & February 2, 2002
  • Coronoplasty and Case Finishing – Now referred to as Core VI –  Coronoplasty and Case Finishing – Critical Steps for Neuromuscular Success – July 11 – 13, 2002
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction – Now referred to as Core VII – Full Mouth Reconstruction – Essential Tools for Finalization of Neuromuscular Rehabilitation – April 29, – May 1, 2002
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction – Part II – June 3 – 5, 2002
  • Occlusion II: Mastering Neuromuscular Occlusion – June 6 – 8, 2002
  • Rehabilitation of the Edentulous Patient – April 10, 2005
  • Salt Lake City Extravaganza – LVI – May 13 – 14, 2005
  • Dental Concierge – June 24, 2010





Dr. Clayton Chan – Occlusion Connections – Dr. Clayton Chan at Occlusion Connections offers a unique occlusal oriented educational/training experience for practitioners who are seeking clinical answers to dental problems as it relate to TMD, comprehensive restorative and orthodontic/orthopedic dentistry.  A logical, straight forward learning journey has helped Dr. Lewis understand and experience what most training curriculum has never taught.  

  • Advanced Principles of Physiologic Occlusion – Level 1
  • Advanced Diagnostic Principles – Level 2
  • Advanced Treatment Planning – Level 3
  • Introduction to Micro Occlusion/Coronoplasty I – Level 4
  • NM Bite Refinement/Advanced K7 Practicum: Applied Scan Interpretation –    Level 5
  • Advanced Bite Management and Transfer – Level 6





WhiteCap Institute – WhiteCap Institute has developed one of the most powerful and comprehensive Dental Implant Training programs available.  After years of training and mentoring doctors from around the nation, WhiteCap Institute has created a series of dental implant courses integrated with live surgeries, hands-on activities, and group discussions that has lead Dr. Jason Lewis to become a confident and proficient Dental Implantologist.

  • 3 Day Implant Mentorship
  • Prosthetic Training
  • Advanced Dental Implant Training – Connective Tissue Grafting
  • Advanced Dental Implant Training – Sinus Augmentation
  • Advanced Dental Implant Training – Friction Free Occlusion
  • One-On-One Mentoring
  • Live Surgery – February 22, 2013
  • T-Scan Training







The Dr. Dick Barnes Group – The Dr. Dick  Barnes Group is about building focused dental practices that provide a level of care that patients can’t get anywhere else.  

  • Over the Shoulder – Full Arch Reconstruction
  • Total Team Training
  • Implant EZ I
  • Implant EZ II
  • Everyday Occlusion
  • A Comprehensive Integration Course – Sleep Dentistry
  • TMD Course for Dentists – TMD Simplified
  • DNA Appliance Certification – Dr. Jason Lewis has taken this course many times.







The Center for Occlusal Studies – Straight Wire Orthodontic Studies and The Center for Occlusal Studies offers comprehensive orthodontic, occlusion and TMD training for general practitioner dentists.  Dr. Jay W. Gerber is the Director of Education at the Center for Occlusal Studies in Parkersburg, WV. 

  • TMD for Dentists – October 10-11, 2004 – Parkersburg, WV
  • TMJ & Occlusal Concepts – November 4 – 6, 2004 – Parkersburg, WV


Dr. Jon Julian – (Currently North Star Dental Education) – Dr. Julian’s company provides a hands-on setting for dentists to expand their knowledge and expertise in advance procedures, including implant placement & laser dentistry.  Dr. Julian takes great pride in providing thorough coverage of the most current research, techniques, products, and issues in dentistry. 

  • Dr. Jason Lewis has taken numerous course through Dr. Julian.






DEKA Laser Technologies, LLC – DEKA Laser Technologies, Inc., is the leading C02 dental laser company.  In addition to providing the dental profession’s m ost advanced laser technologies, they are also a leading training organization.  DEKA Laser Education provides specialized training in surgical and restorative applications using all lasers.  Affiliation with DEKA provides Dr. Jason Lewis to be a true leader in dentistry, offering the finest soft-tissue laser technology available for treating guests.

  • The UltraSpeed CO2 Laser – Advanced Overview – Fort Lauderdale, FL – August 10, 2006
  • Laser Training – Dr. Manfred Wittschier – Landshut, Germany – September 26 – 27, 2005


Dr. Jason Lewis Teaching Engagements

Making Exceptional Ceramic Restorations
By Jason R. Lewis, D.D.S.
Patterson Salt Lake City Branch
November 10, 2011

In this three hour lecture, participants were introduced  to techniques to make posterior restorations aesthetically exceptional.  Dr. Jason Lewis focused on teaching techniques in order to achieve the high esthetic results, with very simple and extremely effective sequences.  This program focused on demonstrating how to create the surface characteristics and customize every case.


DEKA Laser Training
By Jason R. Lewis, D.D.S.
August 26, 2006

Dr. Jason Lewis perfomed live surgeries as an educational tool for numerous doctors to show them the following procedures:  2 smile designs; frenectomy; troughing; sulcus sterilization; and an implant.  Jason also gave a lecture to discuss the proper use the DEKA CO2 Laser.